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About Us

About the Evans Library

Evans Library Mission & Vision

Evans Library Mission                                                                                  Succeeding at FM - Librarians Can Help
Service + Resources = Information & Learning
The Evans Library is committed to supporting the mission of the Fulton-Montgomery Community College by facilitating teaching and learning through services and access to information.


The Evans Library is dedicated to serving our community through instruction in the development of research and critical thinking skills, access to an inclusive and comprehensive collection of materials, staff who support active learning, and an environment that encourages collaboration, diversity, and discovery in the pursuit of knowledge.  This we do through a variety of partnerships: on-campus, in Fulton & Montgomery counties, and with SUNY as well as relationships statewide, national and international.


In concert with the College's values, the Evans Library has identified the following as core library values:

·         To Empower Learning & Facilitate Teaching
·         To Offer User-Centered Service
·         To Maintain quality collections
·         To Provide Accessible Resources
·         To Encourage a respectful learning environment
·         To Forge additional academic partnerships
·         To foster an appreciation for the written word and knowledge in its varied formats


Student Learning Outcomes, 2014-2017

1.  Students will demonstrate an appreciation & respect for learning environments in order to succeed academically and contribute as global citizens.

2. Students will apply critical thinking skills in order to:

    a.  determine the value of academic resources in support of academic goals

    b.  select appropriate technologies that provide access to information and leads to the their contributions in the creation of knowledge

    c. differentiate the complex, varied, and vast assortment of information available for life-long learning.


Updated 4/2014