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A research guide for students in ENG104 - Brumaghim


Searching Tips & Tricks

When searching databases use these tricks to help you get more accurate and relevant results. Use the following techniques to help in your search for sources:

Operator When to use Example Results
AND Sources that contain both terms Hawthorne AND "Young Goodman Brown" Results with both the words Hawthorne and "Young Goodman Brown"
OR Sources that contain one of multiple search terms alienation OR loneliness Results with either alienation or loneliness. Good for like terms or synonyms.
NOT Sources that do not include the term listed "Young Goodman Brown" NOT reviews Excludes results that include the term reviews.  We need analysis not someone's opinion about whether or not they liked the story.
"  "       Sources with the exact term or phrase "Young Goodman Brown" Results that include the exact phrase "Young Goodman Brown."
*    Finds variations of the stem  alienat* Results that include any variation of the terms entered.  Ex:  alienation, alienate
(  )   Group words together when combining more than one operator Hawthorne AND "Young Goodman Brown" AND (alienation OR loneliness) Results that include both the terms Hawthorne and "Young Goodman Brown" with either alienation or loneliness.