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This research guide has been developed to assist students in their BUS141 course.

Where do I find what I need?

Where do you find what you need? Here's a few suggestions on where to start. These are only some suggestions on which resource to start with. You may find similar/additional information in other resources.

What Where                              Note
Company & Product Info.
Company History
  • The Company's Website
Where better to go than to the company itself?
Product Line, Product Mix
SWOT Analysis You can also use what you have learned about the company in your research to add to SWOT.
Environmental & Industry Info. Search your co. and look for the "Industries" section. It will have NAICS codes next to it.
Mission Statement, Logo, Slogan
  • The Company's Website
Market Segment & Target Market
  • U.S. Census Data/Website
  • International Data Sites (UN)
  • Statista
Who are they selling to? How much do the buy? What are the characteristics of that group (age, sex, income, etc.)?
The Four "P"s Price, Product, Promotion, Place
Social Media Look for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube icons. How many likes, followers, views do they have? What type of info is posted, shared, or presented?

Marketing Sources

99.9% of the research for this assignment will come from using the Evans Library's databases. The "best bets" are a great place to start - and sometimes finish - your research.  When you need help, or have a question, ask a Librarian.

Need some inspiration for a new marketing plan for the company you're researching? These books - available in the Evans Library - might be the spark you need.

Films and short videos can often offer current and reliable information. Take a look at this short video on how Yelp influences marketing  and then explore Films on Demand for more videos.