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Faculty & Staff

A description of the services available at the Evans Library for FM's faculty and staff.

Professional Resources

Below are links to some resources available for your professional use.

Professional Reading:

Confronting Cheating: A Legal Primer and Toolkit

The Flipped Approach to a Learner-Centered Class

Online Subscriptions:

Chronicle of Higher Education

Community & Junior College Libraries

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts This requires a password - please contact staff at the library (x8058) for your password.  ChoiceReviews provides Web access to the entire database of CHOICE reviews published since September 1988. The database is updated monthly, generally at mid-month, with reviews that will be printed in the next monthly issue of CHOICE.

Professional Development:

SUNY Center for Professional Development

SUNY Research Foundation - A database of more than 21,000 profiles of SUNY faculty experts than leverages the capacity of the SUNY research community. Access the world's most comprehensive funding resource, with more than 25,000 records worth more than $33 billion. Access to over 2 million profiles of researchers from institutions throughout the world.

Evans Library Virtual Services

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