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CRJ103-Criminal Law

A guide for students research legal and law issues in CJ103 - Criminal Law.

Help! From Lexis-Nexis

For first-time users (faculty and students) using Nexis Uni can be challenging; this help page, maintained by LexisNexis, is a great resource to use to find answers.

Searching from the Home Page

Narrow/Broaden Searches with Boolean Logic

You can use boolean logic to change the results in a Nexis Uni search.  Click on the link below to see how the words "and, "or" and "not" change the results you'll get in a search.

Wild Cards!

Nexis Uni allows you to use symbols at the end of keywords to search for multiple, related keywords at once.

So, looking at the help guide we learn that for mulitple words; use an excalmation mark (!)

It looks something like this:  immigra!

gives you results for   immigrant and immigration

You can also you an asterik (*) to replace one letter in a search.

It looks something like this:  wom*n will give results for woman and women