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Early Childhood Education

A research guide for Early Childhood Education topics.

Recommended Early Childhood Education Sources

Recommended websites for Children's Literature, ENG 222:



The Evans Library provides online access to a large number of journals related to education and early childhood education. You can search for articles in journals by using databases. Click on the links below.


These are just three of the many books on the topic of early childhood education that can be be found in the  Evans Library. If you need help, ask a Librarian!

Stay current, stay informed! Recently published books on topics related to early childhood education are now available in e-format. Click on the links below to begin reading. If you need help, ask a Librarian!

Streaming films specific to Early Childhood Educations students through Films on Demand and Kanopy are available on this page.   A short tutorial on using Films on Demand is below.  If you need help accessing any of these sites, If you need help, ask a Librarian!

The Power of Physical Play: Development and Effective Learning (Siren Films)

How does physical play develop and motivate children to acquire effective learning strategies? The Power of Physical Play examines exactly how this type of play supports physical development from birth to seven-years-old.

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