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ENG103-Fagan: Lights, Camera, Ad!

Your Research Assignment

Step 1:  Find a Commerical. Find a Topic.

Step 1a : Listen & Watch AdViews and choose one as your primary source. Click on the link below to start watching ads! AdViews

Step 1b: Brainstorm - What happened in your ad? What was suggested? Click here to start brainstorming.

Step 2: Develop your Thesis Question

Step 2: Develop your thesis question and begin building the essay with your own ideas.

Step 3: Find Academic Sources

Step 3: Find academic sources  to support your thesis. Use Discover or click below to start searching.

Focus Your Search. Find:

The Evans Library offers ebooks from ebrary. Use ebrary by clicking here.

Need help getting started? Use the Quick Start Guide  or the Quick Start Video.

eBooks are also available in a variety of other ways through the Evans Library and on the internet.  Use the links below to find more eBooks.

Evans Library - books on our shelves

Public Libraries - books from libraries in area public libraries

WorldCat - books from libraries all over the world.

Interlibrary Loan - request books and materials from other libraries.

If you need help remember to ask a librarian.

Step 4: Read, Reflect, Integrate, Cite, and Repeat.

Citation Generators

Citation generators are a great way to get your bibliography/references page done, but remember that these tools still require some additional work. Just as spell check can miss certain words or phrases, citation managers can produce some pretty unusual results! So be sure to check your results - or better yet, stop by the Writing Center and have someone there check it with you!