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Finding song lyrics. Finding reviews of artists and songs. Citing your work. It's all here!

1. Artists & Lyrics

Use what's available.  Use what you know.  That's Google.  Here's an example of how to quickly find most information about your musician/group and their songs:

Remember, it's, "musician/artist/group name" :  songs

Go! Click here or on the Google box to start searching

2. Once you have a song, build your essay with your ideas. Remember this essay doesn't differ all that much from the essays you've written all semester. Establish the songwriter's theme. Take a specific line. Analyze. Tie to theme. Repeat.

3. Once you've built your draft, begin research. Reviews are what other people (experts, not you) have written about the artist and/or the song you've chosen.  Your job is not to agree and/or disagree with what those reviews state. It's your analysis that matters the most. Reviews are merely evidence that help prove your point. 


  • If your artist/group has more than two words, put quotations ("  ") around the name.
  • The word AND is important and helpful. It focuses the results on both your artist and reviews of that artist. (Example: "Grateful Dead" AND Review / Example: "Harry Styles" AND "Adore You" AND Review)
  • Ask questions and be flexible. Research is a process!
  • Use any one of the four resources below to get started (You should try more than one!).