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Instructional Technology

This guide provides instructional technology resources for faculty and staff.


Want to mix things up in the classroom?

Check out these lists:

ALA Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

These websites are geared toward school-age students, but any that are for high school students(Grades 9-12) would work well in a college setting.  Also, take a look at ALA Best Apps for Teaching and Learning.  The top half is a little more juvenile but there are more college age appropriate apps toward the bottom.

Or try any of these websites!

Use with the students:

Poll Everywhere

Ask questions in class and receive responses in real time via cellphone, laptop, or tablet.


Game based student learning and response system.  Students use a web-based browser to answer questions.


Create interactive tutorials or lessons using online videos.  Students are prompted to answer questions at certain points throughout the video.  No need for them to sign in, students can enter their name before watching the video.


Use these for students

Explain Everything

Create presentations and tutorials.


Online screen recorder you can use to create tutorials and lessons.

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