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A guide for doing research in the areas of nursing, health and medicine.

APA Article Summary

Think of an article summary in APA format as the formal version of telling your best friend about the great movie you saw last night or talking to your mom about the awesome book you just finished reading.  In each case you're relying on your insights as to what details are important, necessary and enticing to your audience.

An APA summary has four crucial components:

1. The original research article (click here for an example) - make sure you have the full-text of the article.

2. Your summary (click here for an example) of the orginal research article.

3. The APA citation of the original research article (click here for example on page 2).

4. An outside reader - use FM's Writing Center. Hours are listed below.

Need more tips and strategies for writing your summary? This link is a great place to start.

Writing Center

We want you to know that the Writing Center (WC) is still available to you during this period of remote learning.

You can access the WC in Blackboard (Bb). Look for the FM Tutoring Organization in Bb:

Tutoring and Writing Center in Blackboard

You can also email the Writing Center Coordinator directly at:


Writing Center

Fall 2021 Hours:Writing Center - 1st Floor Evans Library

Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm

Schedule a Teams meeting  

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