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$mart Money Instructors and Trainers: Instructors and Trainers

Resources and materials for $mart Money Instructors and Trainers

For instructors, trainers, media specialists, & librarians

The amount of financial information available online can be overwhelming.  In an effort to streamline instruction, $tep-Up to $mart Money was developed by evaluating and carefully selecting specific resources from the numerous current, valid, and un-biased information available for use in the main section of the guide. To facilitate the development of additional financial literacy presentations, additional educational financial literacy resources that can be used independently or with other guide materials have been placed here.

Lesson Plans


The FDIC resources below include lesson plans, teacher presentations, and student worksheets.

This FDIC table helps you find lessons that align with key financial topics as defined through the My Money Five (


Education Resources


StepUp website overview PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint