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About Us

About the Evans Library

The Evans Library & Learning Commons supports an environment where academic success is encouraged through collaborative learning, quiet conversation, and independent study. Individuals utilizing this space should demonstrate acceptable behavior and respect for the needs of others.

The following “Code of Conduct” has been adopted so that Library patrons may use the facilities in a pleasant and safe environment, conducive to study and research: 

  • Threatening, offensive, or abusive language and behavior is prohibited.
  • Sounds from any personal electronic equipment including laptops, audio players, and other mobile devices must be inaudible to other patrons.
  • Cell phone conversations are prohibited on the 2nd floor and other quiet spaces. Considerate/short phone conversations are permitted on the 1st floor.  Ringers should be turned off. If a phone call must be taken, please do so on the 1st floor or leave the building.

Patrons who are disturbed or distracted by the noise or the behavior of those around them should bring the matter to the attention of library staff or consider moving to another area in the building.

At the discretion of staff, disruptive users may be asked to move to another area or leave the Library building entirely. If the patron refuses to comply, Public Safety will be contacted for assistance.

The library staff reserves the right to interpret this code, to apply it, and to change it as necessary.

~ FM Photo ID is needed for most library transactions ~

All materials leaving the library  - FM Student ID/Community borrowers card mandatory.  
All other materials as well as access to resources - identification confirmation necessary.

Evans Library Computer Resources Use Policy

  • FM students have priority for use of library computers.
  • All users must have a valid FM photo ID
  • College computers are primarily for academic use and research and governed by the FM Technology & Computer Use Guidelines.
  • Recreational/non-academic use of computers is permitted contingent on availability of computers.
  • The changing of any computer logins, settings or configurations is prohibited.
  • Computer use may be restricted at the discretion of the Library staff.

Failure to abide by this policy may result in the loss of computer and/or library privileges.

 FM & SUNY Students

  • Three-week loan period
  • Fifteen-book limit
  • Renewed items may be recalled
  • Access to Interlibrary Loan services
  • Three-week loan period
  • Five-book limit
  • Renewed items may be recalled
  • Limited access to Interlibrary Loan services

Area students have the same borrowing privileges as community users. However, when they are brought to the Library as a class, all materials are signed out under the supervising Media Specialist and/or Subject Teacher with the following conditions: 

  • 2 book limit per student
  • 100 book limit per school (book is swiped and students sign sheet)
  • 3 week book loan period
  • No renewals - students may return books, then sign out materials under their own name

FMCC Distance Learning students enjoy the same library rights and privileges as on-campus students. They have access to books, periodical articles, research assistance, and reference services directly through Blackboard or via the Library’s Home pagee-mail or telephone (518.736.FMCC (3622) x8059). Go to Evans Library @ Home for more information.

If you do not fit any of the criteria above, please contact us. (

Loaner eDevice Use

eDevices have 7-day loan periods for currently enrolled FM students.

  • If a device or its accessories are not returned directly to the Circulation Desk, or are damaged or lost, all borrowing privileges will be suspended, campus sanctions (i.e. registration block and/or transcripts & financial aid holds) may be implemented, and a fee of up to $2,500 may be assessed.

Late Returns

  • Within one-week of due date: one (1) week suspension of eDevice borrowing privileges
  • Past one week of due date: suspension of your eDevice borrowing privileges for remainder of semester.


Click here for more information about all eDevices at the Evans Library.

Overdue Material

  • The Evan Library does not charge fines for overdue materials.
  • All borrowing privileges are forfeited and some campus sanctions (i.e. registration block and/or transcripts & financial aid holds) may be implemented until materials are returned or replacement fees are paid.
  • Book drops are available for the return of materials; these can be found inside in the Library foyer and outside at the rear entrance to the Library (south side).

Lost Material/Replacement Fees

  • All borrowers (including FM faculty and staff members) are responsible for all replacement costs for lost or damaged materials.
  • Fees include current replacement cost + processing charge(s). 

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

  • Borrowers have the same responsibility for returning ILL materials as for those owned by FM. 
  • Overdue fines will be levied for ILL materials not returned in a timely manner only if lending library requests them.
  • Replacement/processing fees will be charged for lost materials.

Other Collection Policies

  • Reference materials are generally for in-library use only.
  • Course Reserves, Regional History Collection items, Periodicals, Videotapes/DVDs, and other materials may be borrowed for a limited amount of time or, in some cases, not available for use outside the Library. Please inquire with questions regarding loan terms.