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About This Guide

This research guide has been developed by the librarians at the Evans Library to assist students in their BUS204 course. Here's what you will find:

Useful Starting Sources tab: General works (books) on topics like mobile marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, customers, branding, marketing plans and more.

Useful Internet Resources tab: Lots of links for information on market research, media planning, media buying and more. Just go there, you'll see what we mean.

Images & Pictures tab: Help with finding imagines & pictures that you could use in the artwork and/or presentation portion of your assignment.

Find More Information tab: Links to sources for detailed company info, business-related articles & books, and demographic information.

Evans Library @ Home tab: Info on how to access all this from home.

If you have questions feel free to contact a librarian. Good Luck!

Go to the company's (your client's) website. The info under either "Company Info" or "Investor Relations" can be useful. Try to find the company's annual report. It often contains a lot of good data!

BUS 204 - Advertising Campaign Assignment

A copy of your assignment...just in case!