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*: Evaluate Sources

The CRAAP Test

Use the CRAAP test to help you evaluate your sources.

Evaluating Scholarly Publications

What's the difference between scholarly, professional and popular publications?  How can you tell the difference?  Why is it important? Start by looking at this handout from the Evans Library and then take a look at the two short videos.  You'll be a wiz in no time!

Scholarly Journals and Poplular Magazines

Watch this short video from Vanderbilt University to learn the difference between scholarly and popular publications.

Evaluating Internet Sources - Guides

Use these resources to evaluate your web sources.

Peer Review in 5 Minutes

In 5 minutes, viewers of this video will become familiar with the peer-review process and understand its significance to new knowledge production and scholarly research. Watch a higher quality version with captioning here:
This video was created at North Carolina State University Libraries

Identifying Scholarly Articles

Now that you know the difference between scholarly and popular publications - learn how to tell the difference between the articles in those sources. This short video is from the Cornell University Library's "Research Minute" series.