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Open Education Resources (OER) @ FM

An introduction to OER for FM's faculty

FMCC, OER & Blackboard

By design all content for all OER courses at FMCC appears in Blackboard every time the course runs.

This process involves two steps.

1. One changes are finished to OER content, a request for a cartridge to be exported must be made with OER Services or Lumen Learning

2. The exported cartridge must then be imported into Blackboard.  

Standard OER Courses (Candela)

Waymaker OER Courses

Waymaker, personalized learning courseware, provides impactful learning tools for students and instructors, packaged with the best available open educational resources (OER) and innovative learning design. Features of this courseware includes:

  • Customizable OER course content
  • Study plans for self-directed learning
  • Intuitive messaging for increasing teacher-student touchpoints

Online Homework Manager (OHM) OER Courses

From arithmetic to calculus, OHM provides online homework and other learning resources at a low cost.

  • Instruction & homework system

    • Customizable courses

    • Immediate feedback for students

    • Ongoing faculty support