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Open Education Resources (OER) @ FM

An introduction to OER for FM's faculty

The OER Process at FMCC

OER Process at FMCCFIND: You know what you do in the classroom. Begin to search for OER on your own, or consult with a librarian for assistance. The question at the forefront of the search should be, "What do I want to change?"

EVALUATE: Librarians will assist you in completing FM's OER Evaluation/Assessment form that must accompany OER course material requests. 

SELECT: All, some, or part, the selection of what OER material you want and how you want it organized is up to you.

RE-MIX: This is always your choice.  Review the Creative Commons license options if you are unsure of if the item you have selected allows for re-mixing. Librarians and SUNY OER Services (SOS) can assist you in this process

CHOOSE: In what format do you want your students to access the OER? Remember FM students, like students all over the country, have expressed a desire for print and electronic formats. At this point you can consult with librarians or SOS to discuss options.

REQUEST: OER use is an option for all FM Faculty on the "Course Material Request Form" each semester. This must be completed for your students to have OER availability the following semester. If you have chosen a print OER option, librarians and SOS will assist in making sure those items arrive at FM's College Store.

USE: The beauty of OER is that it is your creation and available to your students at a significantly reduced price, or even no-price.  There are some easy ways to reinforce student's access: links in your syllabus, easily found modules in Blackboard, reserves copies available in the Library - all work to provide students with day one access to course materials.