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Open Education Resources (OER) @ FM

An introduction to OER for FM's faculty

Why Use OER?

Using OER can help FM students succeed. How do OER help students? Pictures help tell the story.  Below on the left is the rise in textbook prices since 1978.  On the right is the results of a survey of how students access and do not access course materials.

College Textbook Prices

Students and Textbook Access











When designed, implemented and deployed correctly, OER can be accessed by students on the first day of class in Blackboard with the option to purchase print copies in the College Store.  Access to course materials on day one and the availability of format with substantially lower cost to students is a proven method of OER success.

(Re)Gain Control - the learning materials you use in your course should reflect you, your teaching style and your approach to the content. By leveraging Creative Commons licenses and OER faculy can put themselves back in the driver's seat in terms of dictating what, when and how content is used in their course.

Avoid Cost for Students - OER be effectively deployed in multiple areas for a significantly lower cost for students.

Access - remove the line from students that "they don't have the textbook." OERs can be accessed in more than one way, on or offline.  More access equals more success.

Enjoy Freedom - Choosing to use OER means you have the freedom to arrange course content and learning materials as you desire and/or as your students need.  No longer are you stuck with the first chapter in a textbook having to be what's coverd in week one of class.