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Clubs and Organizations

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Clubs and Organizations

Below you’ll find the clubs and organizations sponsored by the SSA which are currently active at FM. Formation of new clubs is encouraged. If you’re interested in participating in one of the existing clubs or in forming a new one, contact either the Student Activities Office or the SSA, both in the Student Union. Be active! Join a club!

STUDENT SENATE ASSOCIATION – The Student Senate Association (SSA) represents you and the rest of the student body in identifying broad social, academic and cultural needs and determining ways to meet those needs. This is done through the Student Senate, a body that consists of the SSA officers and a representative of each SSA-sponsored club and organization. The Student Senate meets monthly, and the meetings are open to all students. The SSA administers the Student Activity fee, using it to sponsor the Student Activities, the Athletics program, and the clubs and organizations listed below.

STUDENT TRUSTEE – Each year students elect a representative from the student body to the College’s Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees sets the policy and oversees the administration of the college. The Student Trustee is a voting member of the Board of Trustees.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD – The Student Activities Board (SAB) consists of active student volunteers who choose, plan, and implement college-wide social, cultural, educational and community service events and programs. Students who are interested in being on the SAB should contact the Student Activities Office in the Student Union.

ABLE – Abilities Beyond Limitation through Education is the club for students who wish to explore ways to make attending college easier for students with disabilities. Students work together on projects to raise money for club outings and activities to support this mission.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE – The American Sign Language Club collaborates with the local Deaf community to meet and greet in ASL- a visual, spatial concept language which is not related to English. They advocate for equal rights of Deaf individuals and promote that the only thing the Deaf cannot do is hear.

Black and Latino Student Association (BLSA) – The BLSA will be dedicated to uniting students of color and allies in Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC).  We intent to promote diversity and culture set to establish life long bonds, communities and neighborhoods where networking is possible.  Development of this group will not only create a safe space, it will also create a brave space for students of color.  The purpose of this club is to promote the development of a safe and inclusive group on campus.  This will then create an outlet for students to promote conversations in an environment that welcomes students of all cultural backgrounds.

Community Outreach FM – Community Outreach at Fulton-Montgomery Community College helps communities in Fulton and Montgomery counties by raising money and volunteering in soup kitchens, schools, community fundraisers, donating, etc.

Criminal Justice Club – The Criminal Justice Club allows students to meet and interact with various law enforcement professionals from federal, state, county and local agencies in an informal setting. Students hear from speakers, view videotapes and participate in field trips to learn about the diversity of the criminal justice field. This exposure allows club members insight into their interests in the pursuit of their goals. Students also have the ability to work closely with the criminal justice professionals in volunteer programs.

Electrical Technology/STEM Club – Students have the opportunity to explore technology related subjects through conferences and field trips to industry sites. Club members help to offset travel expenses through fund-raisers and hands-on projects.

FM Biz Hub – The Business Club is open to all students and is active in both social and service oriented activities. Typical activities include sponsoring families during the holiday season, organizing a recognition lunch for clerical staff, and trips to such places as Boston, New York, Lake Placid, Burlington, Montreal, Quebec City, and Washington D.C.

FMCC Art Guild – The goal of the FMCC Art Guild is to promote visual fine arts on campus and in the community. Through hosting exhibitions, field trips and creative projects, the Art Guild enhances the students’ as well as the communities’ accessibility to the fine arts. With diverse exposure to fine arts, a greater appreciation of artistic expression can be fostered.

Foggy Mountain Players – The Foggy Mountain Players members work closely with the FM’s Theater Department to produce campus plays and musicals. Club members include students interested in set design, acting, directing, costume design, and other areas of theatrical production. Other club activities include talent shows, tours of local theaters, and trips to Albany, Boston, and New York City to see shows.

Fulton-Montgomery Athletic Association – The purpose of the FMAA is to foster student participation in the governance of athletics at the College and to act as liaison between the athletic department and the Student Senate Association. Membership is not limited to athletic team members.

Fulton-Montgomery Scholastic Association/Phi Theta Kappa – Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. Alpha Alpha Upsilon chapter at FM has often earned the coveted 5-star status. In addition, Alpha Alpha Upsilon received the Most Distinguished Chapter award in 2002. PTK designs and implements activities around the hallmarks of Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship, and Service.

Graphic Arts and Photography Club – This club focuses on providing a link to industry via professional outside organizations. Club members may participate in monthly dinner meetings with a chapter of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen. Printing plant tours are integrated with the club’s event schedule. Community services include job printing for some non-profit organizations and fund-raiser donations to civic organizations.

MISA (Medical Imaging Student Association) – Members are typically first and second year radiologic technology students, but membership is open to anyone. MISA serves the college, the community and its members. MISA participates in fund-raising activities and community/college activities that relate to the medical imaging profession. Examples of these include: Sponsored trip to the ’Bodies’ exhibit in New York City, sponsorship of families during holidays, on-campus symposiums that provide continuing education credit for area radiologic technologists and community awareness events for relevant health topics like Alzheimer’s disease. MISA typically donates excess treasury proceeds to local organizations such as the YMCA, local animal shelters and the FMCC Foundation.

Musicians Club – Students with or without musical abilities have the opportunity to use and develop their talents and interests in music. Among other possibilities, students can perform, record, receive and give lessons, learn about music-related technology, attend music-related events, and network with other musicians.

Peer Tutor Club – This club is open to any person who is actively working as a tutor. The Peer Tutor Club brings together some of the brightest students on campus. The club has participated in food drives, fundraisers and review sessions for finals. The Peer Tutor Club is also active in the community through the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon. Any student who is interested in becoming a tutor and joining the Peer Tutor Club should inquire at the Learning Center.

Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (Gaming Club) – The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture is open to all students who enjoy playing video games and learning about how these games are created. This club plans such events as gaming tournaments, trips to gaming conferences, as well as bringing various speakers on campus to speak on this intriguing subject. Our video game room is located in the basement of the Student Union and you are always welcome!

Spectrum Club (Gay-Straight Alliance) – Club meetings offer the opportunity for students to discuss issues related to sexual orientation, diversity, and sex-based discrimination. The club sponsors on-campus speakers who promote tolerance. Members also attend conferences at other colleges where they can share ideas with their peers.

Student Senate Association – The Student Senate Association meets each month to discuss issues relevant to all facets of student life. Each club has a voting SSA representative. Elections for Student Senate Officers for the following academic year are held each spring, with the exception of the election of a Freshman Senator in September.

Student Nurses Association (SNA) – Comprised of first and second year nursing students, the SNA serves its students, the College Community, and the general community. The SNA sponsors or participates in a number of health-related activities such as blood pressure clinics, food drives, health fairs, and March of Dimes Walk America, AIDS Walk-a-thon, campus speakers and Coats for Kids. Members volunteer at area Soup Kitchens and Mental Health Association programs. SNA provides mentors for the Career Exploration Program at Centro Civico.

Students of the World Club – Not only for international students, this club promotes cross-cultural awareness by sponsoring service projects, recreational outings, plus on and off campus activities.

Sustainable Living Club – The Sustainable Living Club will raise awareness about the interdependent nature of our relationship with the world in which we live and support sustainable practices within the FM, local, and global community.  We will focus on the importance of consuming in a way that supports our individual health, the health of the planet, and the impact on future generations.  This will include identifying and implementing ways for the campus to adopt more sustainable practices. We will provide opportunities for education, recreation, and general wellness assist in building and maintaining gardens and trails on the campus to foster a sense of community between students, FM employees, Liberty, BOCES, and the local community. The Club will invest students in caring for their physical environment by supporting and raising awareness of their relationship with the world around them providing them with the opportunity for education, recreation and general wellness, and raising awareness about the topic of foster a sense of community between students, employees, and the community.

Table Top Gaming Club – The Table Top Gaming Club of FM is a club designed for students who enjoy playing Magic the game and other role playing card games.

Think Peace – This club has four simple goals: Help promote peace through patience, equality, awareness, civility, and empathy; help promote peaceful/nonviolent methods of resolving conflict, help promote peace by respecting the dignity, diversity, and human rights of all people; support the practice of civility individually, in the school community, and in the local community.

Veterans Club – The Veteran’s Club at FM offers an opportunity for Military Veterans, spouses, dependents and anyone who supports the military to assist peers with the transition from military to college. The Veteran’s Club also provides community service activities, fundraising, and donating to local community veteran organizations.

Wall Street Club – The Wall Street Club is an investment club. The purpose of the club is for students and faulty to have fun and learn about investing together.